A Modern Love Story fusing two cultures.

Stephanie (a beautiful girl next door) and Patrick (a handsome go-getter) just got engaged but they are debating on where they should have the wedding.  Patrick, an American and a young tech mogul has pre-conceived assumptions about Haiti and has some reservations.  In order to marry, Stephanie informs Patrick that they must visit Haiti so that he can ask for permission from her Father, as it is tradition.  Because of his love for Stephanie and his willing to do anything for her, he ignores his concerns and does everything it takes to make her his Bride. 


the story about


Maryam Basir

as Stephanie

Skyh Alvester Black

as Patrick

Jeryl Prescott

as Mrs. Durant

Barton Fitzpatrick

as Micheal

Bechir Sylvain

Mr. Durant

Starlet Dupois

as Grann

Deborah Lynn

as Joselyn

Daniel "Tonton Bicha" Fils Aime

Mr. Dwight

Love Family Tradition
Love Family Tradition